Saturday, October 10, 2009

To glitter or not to glitter? That is.....

a dumb question!  Of course glitter!  I get in a mood to glitter and look out.  If it isn't moving, I might glitter it!  Not that I need an excuse to glitter, but the holidays make it so easy, even Halloween.  And check out my glitter collection!  I know you're jealous, its okay!

Last year I found these great wooden pincones and went nuts (uh heh - pun intended) with Martha's glitter.  Her glitter is super-fine and comes in the best colors.  Incidentally - when I went to her sight to grab the link, guess what?  Yup, a big, new header that said, "All that glitters!"  I'm fer real!

Anyway, I love to create, so what better than this to remind me?

So getting back to Halloween.... I found this cute little papier mache house and instead of going with a Christmas theme, I decided on a fun haunted house.  A little craft paint, some foam pieces for shingles, and of course lots of glitter and "ta-da!"  Not too spooky, just fun.  It is in the living room shimmering right now.

While browsing Joann's, I came across this great wooden candelabra.  My son helped me paint it and then we commenced to glittering!  I even added a spider from last year's glittering extravaganza.  Sorry about the pour photography on this one.
I hope this encourages you to go forth and glitter!  I'm headed for the vacuum cleaner now.  The cat is starting to sparkle!
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  1. Just too cute! I'm thinking of glittering the cats at the store...think anyone would notice? xojana

  2. Well, they are already beautiful, but I say... "glitter 'em!" :)