Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis the Season Tour 2009 - Partie Deux

Today's post includes some holiday decorating in my kitchen.  I have recently become very fond of red, pink, and yellow.  My walls are a pretty green, but I am thinking of giving them a soft, pale, buttery yellow.  Is that a color?   "Sir, excuse me, but I'm looking for a paint color called 'soft-pale-buttery yellow'.  Do you have that?"  Martha Stewart probably does.  I'll have to check that out!  Anyway, I added a tree to the kitchen last year and found all sorts of beautiful ornaments at, you guessed it.... the Dollar General!  Even the sweet beaded garland. 

I turned a framed mirror into a chalkboard so that we can always add a quote of the day, birthday greetings, whatever the mood or occasion strikes!  I also added some bling with some Hobby Lobby miniature ornaments.

Speaking of Martha.... I made this wreath last year and thought it turned out quite well.  I'm a big fan of Martha and have tried lots of her crafts over the years.  Some turned out good, some were tough to find supplies for or were too costly to do.  But this one went great, was fairly easy, and not too expensive.  Love it.  Go here for the instructions.

Of course, I must have glitter!  I found these at JoAnn's last year.  Are they not perfect?  My husband keeps trying to arrange them to say Leon.  Ha ha - now put them back.

I also made this Countdown to Christmas from a Country Home magazine, December 2008.  This issue had so many great ideas that I snagged it right away!  Lots of reds, pinks, polka dots!  This was so much fun and I was able to make it in one evening.  I used foam board covered with fabric and made a hanger for the back.  Then, I just used numbers I printed from the computer, scrapbooking paper, little ornaments, and thumb tacks.

And of course, what is decorating without a bowl of ornaments!  I love red glass and over several years found the prettiest red glass dishes from Target.  I grabbed everything they had - plates, bowls, platters, cups, goblets, glasses, compote dishes and a candy dish.  I just wish they had made a butter dish and gravy boat. 

And to add to Santa's cookie plate (in waiting), I had a few pretty little cupcakes.  Well, they were pretty.  Now they are gone! 

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.  I will be moving to the living room next so please come back soon!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Mona,
    Very cute! All of it, but I really love the countdown banner, they are BIG in our house this year. Lisa

  2. Mona,
    I just love you post and all of your creative energy. Harriet

  3. Loved the chalkboard and the countdown. How wonderfully creative you are. I'm proud to be a follower,I don't want to miss what you create next. :)