Friday, February 19, 2010

My first photo montage!

While traveling abroad in Blog Land, I have seen so many creative photo mosaics and decided to make one of my own.  I pulled a few pictures from my Flickr page and came up with this:

I made this dress for a Martha Pullen Sewing Market contest last year.  I incorporated French heirloom techniques with modern styles and fabrics.  The over-skirt is Swiss batiste with French lace insertion, cream ribbon, and French lace edging.  I also hand-embroidered silk ribbon flowers and added a machine-embroidered motif to the batiste. The bodice is a beautiful Robin Pandolph cotton fabric and the underskirt is a soft pink and white lattice print.  The straps are creamy grosgrain ribbons that tie in the back.  I finished off the skirt with a pink and brown striped bias trim. 

I really didn't expect to win the contest.  Well, I did want to win - there was a top-of-the-line Babylock sewing machine just waiting to be had!  It was a tough contest for this entry though.  It fell under the categories of machine embroidery and hand emboridery, but it didn't even compare to the other entries which were amazing christening gowns and smocked works of art!  I would have robbed the winner of her prized sewing machine, but doggone it - she really deserved it!   Maybe I'll catch the prize this year!

But, I had fun making the dress and it really motivated me to be creative and work on techniques that I had not done before or in a long while.  So, now it is in my Etsy shop and I am hoping that somebody will fall in love and adorn their little angel in it - maybe for Easter!  Uh hem... hint, hint.

I  haven't sewn much lately (and I ache to do so), but I've been dabbling a little with felt play food again.  My youngest daughter will be having a Pinkalicious Tea Party for her 4th birthday and I am making little party favors.  I'll post more on that later!

Thanks so much for stopping by -  I appreciate the visits and comments!

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  1. What a pretty little dress. I'm amazed at any kind of sewing talent as I have none. Your little felt favors sound like they are gonna be adorable. Have a great weekend. Tammy