Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a fun day!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day.  I had lots of fun - it was action-packed!  I made up little goody bags for the kids.  It's always fun to wake up on any holiday to find a little gift, right?

My husband went over the top this year and got me a few of my favorite things... a Starbucks gift card, a JoAnn's gift card and the coolest book - Layered, Tattered, & Stitched.  He went to Borders and searched and researched for this one!  Flowers are always beautiful and sweet, but he did good with all of these!

I also went on a photo field trip for the digital photography class I'm taking.  It was cold, but worth it!  And, as a bonus, my oldest daughter (bless her heart) went with me.  She is an awesome assistant!  We went to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and then ran over to the Japanese Gardens for these shots.  I knew this was a rare opportunity to catch snow in the gardens.  And, we found a little friend!  He was literally inches from my camera!


Then my second oldest daughter and I took my girl friend to lunch to celebrate her birthday.  She also brought her daughter who just happens to be best friends with my daughter!!  And another friend of mine was also able to join us.  It was so nice to see these ladies - we used to do kick-boxing and Tae Kwon Do together and rarely see each other any more. 

And to finish the day, we had a nice visit from my dad.  He drove in to see us for a bit and we just visited while we sat and looked at photos.  What a day!  

I hope you'll come back to see my next post - a quickie makeover project that everyone can use!

Mona Pin It


  1. Sounds like an absolutely fantastic way to spend the day. And that book your husband bought you is so perfect! What a great gift. Love your Valentine Banner. And that sweet girl in the rocking chair for the countdown, day 2 is just so precious! Hope you are having yet another fantabulous day! Blessings, Tammy

  2. PS Great photos, especially Mr. Squirrel

  3. What beautiful photographs! It makes me want to take a photography class. Don't you just love that book "Layered Tattered and Stitched"???? I am a huge fan of Ruth Rae and her gorgeous art. Just running through some blogs which connect to other blogs which connect to other blogs - this can be truly addicting! Marcy

  4. Hi Mona, I came to visit you!! Your photographs are stunning!! You are like a professional. Loved your ironing board cover. Like you I wanted a pretty one but I took the easy way and bought one on Etsy!! You do make it look sooo easy, though.