Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Like a kid in a candy shop....

.... like a child on Christmas morning... well, you get the picture!  In case you hadn't heard, I was the winner of the Vintage Attic 100 Post Giveaway!  Not only did I win once, but Melissa drew my name twice!  Go here to check out the fun story behind that!

Oh my goodness!  She packaged everything up so pretty with bows and ribbons.  I still can't believe all the goodies she packed into both boxes.  And such beautiful boxes, too!  My BFF was admiring them - I'll have to keep my eye on her!!

I just kept pulling things out, oooooh-ing and aaaaaaah-ing the whole way!  Like this sweet little shoe, bird's nest, ballet slipper forms, and bags of candy-colored ribbons!  Oh how I love ribbon!

And these fancy earrings, buttons, and lace!

... sweet photos (I'm going to tell my kids this was Aunt Edna and Uncle Earl and their daughters Beatrice and Buela!)... and this hankie!... and sheet music... and more!

Melissa even put in some of her neat coffee filter roses.  They are gorgeous - can't wait to try some myself!  I have so many ideas running around my head, I don't know where to begin!  I can't wait to share some of this fun stuff!  If you have any ideas, please leave a comment and share them with me!

Thank you so much Melissa for such a generous giveaway.  You're a sweetheart!


Mona Pin It


  1. Oh MONA!!! Congrats! What a bounty! I love it all. Have fun playing with it all!!

  2. Mona the pleasure was all mine, so glad you are enjoying all your goodies. I got some of the bird boxes for my self, loved then so much thought you would too.


  3. I centainly became a fan of your blog. all so beautiful! :)