Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flat Stanley heads west!

I'm sure many of you know about Flat Stanley.  Well, my son's Flat Stanley headed to the farm this past weekend.  (I think that is either a tattoo or birth mark on Flat Stanley - I'm afraid to ask!)  We couldn't pass up the photo op with a llama.  Unfortunately, the llamas were not as enamored with us!  Every time we took a step, the llamas took three steps- away!

A good friend of mine sent Flat Stanley to her mother-in-law, Noela in Australia.  What a sweet lady!  She was so kind to take pictures of Flat Stanley for us and also sent back a note and an article from their local newspaper regarding a koala bear.  Next time, I'm sending myself to visit Noela!

Scott wrote a thank you letter to Noela - how cute is that?

I think I hear Flat Stanley packing.  I believe he may be headed to Indiana to see my Aunt Marie!

Happy Travels,

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