Friday, April 9, 2010

Time to brag a little!

My two oldest daughters had artwork on display at the art museum last month.  They have always enjoyed art and are both very creative.  I wanted to share a few pictures with you of some of their artwork.

My oldest daughter is taking ceramics and had four pieces to show.  The large green box, the oval plate, square plate, and cup.  These pictures don't do them justice.  I can't wait to get them home!

My other daughter had several pieces to show that were matted for display.  I love her color play!

Thanks for stopping by!  I really enjoy your visits and comments.

Mona Pin It


  1. Ok.Ok. I like the art work Girls. I would like dibs on the one of the pottery pieces and the print with the hands for my collections of young artists.Harriet

  2. Your daughters artwork is so lovely indeed - no wonder you are so proud! This is a big deal!!! Obviously the creative genes run in the family!

    That cake creator is fabulous - but I simply cannot have another obsession in my life right now! Enjoy!

    Do you have new blog design? This is lovely!!


  3. LOVE your daughters paintings!