Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty Little Box

Another long-term project (and one that shouldn't have been) is now complete.  I finally finished this up one night as I sat and chatted with my BFF, Harriet.  I love ribbon embroidery and would love to take some classes in the future.  What I have learned has been from books and magazines, but I always learn much more from an instructor that is actually sitting in front of me.  And, it's just more fun.

This was a little kit from Anna Griffin that I purchased several years ago from Hobby Lobby.  I love the colors and the techniques involved.  I have several of her books and may some day tackle the project of actually embroidering some pillow cases and sheets!  Some. Day.

Hmmmm, wonder what I'll do with this little box.  It has all kinds of possibilities!

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  1. It is so gorgeous! I just bought some books form amazon to learn to do ribbon embroidery. Do you have anywhere you can recommend that I can find kits to learn with?

  2. Oh that is beautiful Mona. When I was checking my stuff into the fair yesterday, the lady in front of me was submitting her ribbon embroidery work and it was so pretty! I had not seen it close up before and I really want to try it. Yours is just lovely!!

  3. Oh how absolutely beautiful this is! A treasure to put treasures in!!! ;) Paulette