Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WOYWW - Oh for the love of fabric!

What's on my desk this Wednesday?  Lots and lots of fabric!  I try to limit my fabric purchases to current projects and to what fits in my hutch, but this past weekend a dear lady gave me a ton of awesome fabric AND the patterns to go with them.  Yes, GAVE!  I am still reeling!  She said, "You sew like I wish I could.  Do you want some of this?"  I replied, "Ummm, well, sure."  She pulled out this and that and more of this and that and the patterns to go with.  And it kept coming!

I literally sat on the floor that night and went through all of it, oohing and aahing, studying the new patterns, and re-folding everything.  Oh the possibilities!  After two hours on the floor and a stiff back, I put it all back in the huge paper sack to deal with the next day. I even had dreams of sewing!  Seriously.

The next day, I started to put all the new fabric in the hutch and realized I didn't have room.   "Well, I guess I better re-organize."  That led to, "I wonder if she washed these?  I don't want them to shrink later - I better do it now."  (Three loads later....)

Then ironing and folding.  I still have the last load to iron and fold.

(Now stepping into time warp and my thought processes.....)  "Whew.  Wait.  I still don't have room.  Better organize the "old" stash.  Hmmmmm.  Re-fold to fit all the same way.  Hmmmmm.  Sort by color?  By type?  Holiday?  What about the scraps?  Can't throw those out!  Good grief - that's a crime!  Ok, sort those by color.  I have boxes.  I'll label them.  Ooooh, labeling!  Where was I?  I'll start with this stack...."

Scary, huh?  Welcome to my little world.  And that's what's on my work desk today!  So here's my stash hutch.  Isn't she pretty?  Let's pull out the first stack...

As you can see, I have a bit more to do.  It's a labor of love though!

I really am excited that she shared all these goodies with me.  It was like Christmas day, except that I had actually slept the night before.  I can't wait to start on some of these great projects.  And, knowing what she intended to do with the fabrics and patterns, I am going to send a few fun things back her way for sure!

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  1. Oh wow Mona! What a wonderful gift! Everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to see what you sew up with those lovelies.

  2. What a great gift. It is ridiculous how much fabric cost lately so how awesome was it to get it given to you:) Can't wait to see what all you make!

  3. Your space is very pretty, and your hutch full of fabric very inviting! It sounds like you will busy for a while! Great gift!

  4. That is soo awesome that you were GIVEN beautiful fabric and patterns!! I'm soo jealous! Your post has inspired me to go fold all my fabric that is all smooshed up in bins :-)

  5. Lucky you! What an awesome stash of fabrics. I don't sew at all, but I do buy fabric and bits of this and that hoping that one day I will try my hand at something.

    Your mini quilt is wonderful -- so sweet of you to think of sending it to your aunt. And thoughtful to make something for the wonderful lady who gifted with you all that lovely material.

    Your new blog look is nice -- it does sometimes take forever just to change the simplest of things. Your new tags/cards are great, too.

    All in all, I would say you are doing fabulous, gorgeous work! :)

    Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Hi Mona-are you coming to the retreat in September? Steph and I will be there. Happy sewing til then. I am jealous that your space is so tidy. I have it on my list to clean up my sewing room this week. we will see how well I do. It has gotten so bad it is stiffling my creativity. Steph is scared to cross the threshold...Elizabeth

  7. Free is always the best, huh? And I love the hutch.....well, of course I do!

  8. What a blessing! I know you will create something beautiful . Your a talented lady.

  9. What a fantastic gift!! So fun to sort through it all. I keep my fabric stash in a hutch as well. I guess we think alike.

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  11. What a wonderful problem you had! Some days are just filled with delight, and you said it, "possibilities"! Patsy from

  12. Oh wow! What a gift! I have the red corduroy and made Marie Madeline Studio Tessa's with it. I had my daughter wear a cream top, denim jacket, camel tights and brown mary jane's with them and they were so darling! I cannot wait to see what you make with all of it! OH and hang on to the Analise pattern, it's been discontinued. Well at least that was the last I had heard. She did ome more reprint but that was suppose to be it. I think she was coming out with a similar new pattern. Anyway I love that pattern, I have made 2 dresses from it and love them both. Just a great pattern.