Sunday, February 27, 2011


(cell phone rings...)

Me:  Hello?
BFF Harriet:  Whatcha doing?
Me:  Sewing a skirt.  You?
BFF Harriet:  Going to Joann's.  Wanna go?
Me:  You bet.
BFF Harriet:  I'll pick you up.  Be right there.

The rest is history.  Stroll, talk, check out EVERYTHING in the store, chat, catch up, no interruptions, look at fabric, look at patterns.  We shut the joint down.  That's how we roll.

Hey, do you see a theme here?  Yeah, me too.  That's why it was a "necessary".  Well, of course I already have a pair of small scissors, needles, a seam ripper, and tweezers.  But, these are all in a cute ,"ready-to-go" apparatus.  Duh, no brainer there.

Another "necessary" - my other needles are bent from use!  Practical, functional.  Necessary.
Fabric, needles, and other small misc. items - $24.
Time away to breathe, think, plan.... and finish a complete sentence - priceless.
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  1. Love the little sewing case!! I finally got to spend a little time in Joanns last week when we went to the big city. My hubby has a board meeting once a month so we cram in all kinds of have to shopping most of the time. It was fun getting to take a little time for the fun store though I went out with just one little item that was 70 off Valentines- a whole 2.49 spent!

    Love having a friend to shop with- sometimes hubby is a bit bored though he is a good sport -

    bee blessed

  2. What a very lovely sewing kit! Love that pink print on those scissors!

  3. What a very beautiful sewing case kit!