Monday, March 7, 2011

Our last big 5th

Sniffle, sniffle.. weep.

Okay, I'm done.  For a moment.

Now its time to celebrate - my baby girl turns five today!  Happy Birthday beautiful baby!  "You're my girl."

Its so bitter-sweet. This is a tough year.  I have one daughter who will graduate high school and begin a whole new chapter in her life; and another who will begin her kindergarten year.  Such a contrast.  And, two other kiddos in between.  So while the oldest was  shopping for a prom dress, the other was giggling and jumping up and down with her buddies at Build-A-Bear workshop on Saturday for her fifth birthday party!  Five sweet, tiny girls ready to bring their bunnies, cats, and doggies to life with some stuffing and little red hearts!  Fun, fun, and fun.

My daughter asked for an American Girl doll for her birthday and what better way to present the new doll than with a matching dress!  I was a little nervous about making doll clothes, but the Mini-Frida by modkid was very easy.  I am so excited about making more doll clothes and have already planned to make matching dresses in April for my daughter's best friend!


I plan to purchase some of the Simplicity patterns as well.  We decided that "Jessica" needs a few more clothes.  I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the clothes you have made.  Do you have favorite patterns, tricks, or tips?
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  1. OH SOB! I am sobbing with you. But you know from the other three children of yours it's still magical for a very long time. The dresses are adorable. Patty's patterns are so great. I found an online pattern source for AG dolls at They have some cute things. I am eying some dress patterns there myself but I have not sewn any of them yet. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Mona, wow, your kids are far apart in age. One of my best friends has a daughter turning 21 this month and her youngest and 7th child is only 6 months old. I just can't imagine that. Happy belated to your little one. Sounds like perfect birthday. So cute to make matching dresses for her and her American Girl. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

  3. Hey,Mona Looks awesome .I like the fabric. I know she will like the clothes ,doll and doll clothes. Harriet

  4. cool dresses, I bet they will look great wearing them together!
    I just found a cool doll t-shirt @
    she usually makes easy and fun kids-dolls clothes.
    You can also see/purchase some of her patterns on "you can make this".
    They are easy on little fingers to put on and off.
    The simplicity ones are OK but sometimes a little old fashion, the ones on Liberty Jane are almost too fashion forward....but your daughter might like it since she has an older sister!
    And sometimes it is fun to make doll outfit just the way you like them, I found out that I spend more time making them than my daughter playing with them!

  5. Hi Mona, Happy Birthday to your five year old! It's funny that we have traded birthday greetings for kids this week! What a fun way to celebrate and what an adorable dress. My girls had the American Girl dolls too, but I was never talented enough to do miniature clothes like you do. You are truly fearless with a piece of material.

    By the way, there is ten years between my oldest and my youngest. Almost as much difference as yours and I loved it all - the college activities and talk at the same time as the junior high years and the elementary years. Just keeps us younger!

  6. Mona, I have a couple Simplicity Patterns #4279 and #4654 that are yours if you email me. Your doll outfits and matching dress are just adorable.

  7. So very cute! I have yet to make doll clothes. I a have the patterns and all kinds of good intentions! =D