Friday, April 15, 2011

Really? (insert major sarcasm)

Let's go back two years.... On a trip to Round Top and Marburger Farms with BFF Harriet, I purchased two really cool, vintage ice cream parlor chairs (or whatever they are).  Forward one year... I purchased from a local antique shop a really sweet table with two chairs.  They patiently waited in the garage to be used.

Fast forward to last weekend... I finally got around to covering the seats of the chairs I purchased a year ago with some fabric I also bought a while back.  Spring is here, the weather was beautiful, and the yard is looking lovely.  Perfect timing, right?

So on Sunday, I put all four chairs and the table on my back patio.  I was very pleased with them and couldn't wait to add some red geraniums to the table to pretty it up.  So cute, so quaint.

Monday morning, 1:30 a.m., I woke from the sound of a storm.  High, high winds that were so strong the rain was almost sideways.  I peeked through the window at the front yard, then the back.  At that moment, I contemplated going outside to move the four chairs and table.  "Nah, its just rain."  I went back to bed.  

About five minutes later I heard a smashing sound.  It even woke my husband.  He went to check the front yard and I went to check the back.

"Nooooooooo!"  (Hands in head)  A HUGE limb from our huge cottonwood tree had come down right on top of my cute little table.  It totally flattened one of the heavy steel chairs and shattered the glass in a gazillion pieces!  And don't be fooled.  It may not look heavy, but I couldn't lift it.  It will take two of us to move the limb.



Last winter, we lost our beautiful patio gazebo to snow.  Cratered.  Gone.

Why do the Patio gods hate me?  I don't want anything elaborate.  Just cute.  Just quaint.

On the bright side - I'm glad I decided not to go out to move the table and chairs... I might not be writing this post.
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  1. Poor little chair and table! So grateful that limb did not fall on you or your home, though. The weather this past week was unbelievable. I will putt in a special request to the patio gods to be a little more kind. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Mona!!! I am so sorry!! I feel so badly for you. I hope you are able to find another one that is cuter and sturdier and for a great price.

  3. I'm so glad you didn't go out to move your pretty table and chairs! That's life, though, eh? You win some and you lose some.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. I can only hope you are surviving the last month of your first born's senior year. I miss hearing about the things you are doing, but I understand because I have been through it three times. You think you might not survive because of all the things you have to do and all the feelings that are swirling around in your head, but dear cousin of mine, you will. I am glad you have more babies (?!) at home. I too had mine 5 years apart so I could get ready for each one to leave home - I needed time to recuperate between the events. Come back when you can.