Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flower Power

I'm always a little late in the game, but "better late than never", right?  You've probably seen all the super cute handmade organza and satin flower brooches, pins, etc.  Well, I thought I would have a little fun making some and give them as teacher gifts.  One word - success.  Teachers liked them a lot, I am now addicted, and I have purchased lots more organza, satin, and coolio beads to make more!  (Insert evil laugh)

These are great little projects to make while watching a movie at home or on long road trips.  Note, just cut fabric or sew on the road trips.  I don't think having a lit candle in the car, precariously balanced on your lap in order to burn the petal edges is probably a wise thing.  Maybe.  Probably not.

I did wrap them up in a cute little bag with ribbon.  I like to give little post-it notes, to-do lists (blank of course - not my own!), and note cards to the teachers throughout the year also.  They can always use those!  So, the organza went well and I moved on to satin.  Not the good kind.  The synthetic, poly kind.  It burns nicely, but not in the blink of an eye!  That is key.


As with any craft, there are a trillion variations.  I think I'll play with combining the organza and satin, change the shapes and sizes, etc.  I would like to make some smaller ones to put on hair barettes for my youngest.  Ha - that's funny.  Can I even get her to wear it in her hair?  Silly me!

It is hard to tell in the photos, but the brown flowers were made using two different fabrics.  One was a plain brown satin and the other has a teal blue or brown cast depending on the angle.  So pretty!  Below is a flower that I made from just circles (no cut petals) and a bright fuschia satin.


If I am not indeed the very last person to try making these and you have not tried yet, you can go here for a great tutorial.  There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube, so browse around a little.

I cannot remember if I posted these beauties or not.  So forgive me if I have!  These felt dahlias are also addicting!  I originally saw these over at Coco Rose Diaries and just drooled.  Her dahlias are beautiful and her photography is stunning.


Right about now I should be working on dinner.  I'll be back in a few days with a teaser of my exciting news!  Thanks for coming by!
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  1. What a wonderful gift for teachers! Love them!