Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where did the summer go?

It flew by, that's what!  I always have great intentions to get so much done, spend tons of time with the kids, swim and enjoy the outdoors, etc.  Then, I look up and its gone.  I feel like I did nothing and even worse I feel like I did nothing with the kids.  Guilt sets in.  Sigh.

We did actually swim and try to enjoy some time outdoors, even with the awful heat wave going on.  Baby girl took swim lessons and now swims like a fish!  We went water park a few times and a few swim parties.  The younger two went to camp and VBS and had lots of fun.  We bowled.  We lazed around.  We went to the movies. 

Still, school starts on Monday and I feel guilty.  My baby girl is starting kindergarten and all of a sudden I feel like she's being ripped away.  What a range of emotions.  I have already warned the teachers that I will exit the building quickly come Monday.  So, that's that.

Now for a quick view of part of the summer...

Fringie flower trim added to a t-shirt.

Some slip stitching on a little dress.

I bought some great new books and did manage to thumb through them and daydream a little.  Nothing productive past that.  They did stimulate my creative juices though.

 Started on a major quilt project... and finished!  I'll post on that soon.

 Made some pillowcases to go with the quilts!

Played with beads.  More on that later.

Made a good 'ole fashioned chocolate cake.  Yum.

Watched baby girl work on her sewing skills.

Learned how to make my own iced coffee.  I'm saving tons of moolah!  Isn't it ironic that it is in a Starbucks cup?  haha

Made a "leather" cummerbund for my daughter's outfit.  She went to the Harry Potter premier as Bellatrix.  For just $20, she thrifted her whole outfit and she looked so awesome.  People were asking for her and her two friends to take pictures with them.  Fun stuff.

 Started a makeover project in baby girl's room... and finished.  There's a hint above.  Yes, more on that later, too.

My last photography class, Light and Lighting II started in July.  I was working with window light here and a little bounce flash.  It was really too early in the day to use this window, but I played anyway.  Once I've completed this class, I can start working on my portfolio.  That will take a little time and effort.  Hopefully, after it is graded, I will be deemed a "certified photographer", for whatever it's worth!  I don't plan to be a professional photographer, but enjoyed the courses and hopefully expanded my little brain a tiny bit!

Took a short road trip with the husband and two youngest kiddos to visit family.  I worked on finishing up a little quilt binding during the drive.  Sadly, the visit was primarily to see my sweet Aunt Helen who was battling cancer.  I wanted to go see her one last time, tell her how much she has always meant to me, and hug her tightly.  It was a tough trip for sure.  She was a wonderful woman whom I have always admired so much.  She passed away just several days ago.  I love you, Aunt Helen.

I did get out to have a little fun with some of my girlfriends.  Several of us went to see "Change Up".  So darn funny, inappropriate, but funny.  I'm just being honest.  Then, one of my sewing sistahs and her lovely daughter came in to town and she called up the rest of us sistahs who live nearby so we could have dinner and a movie.  We watched "The Help".  Awesome movie!  Unfortunately, Janice didn't get to come, but we are all going to see each other in October for retreat!

The rest is a blur.  Back-to-school shopping, school registration, meet the teacher, etc.  Another sigh.  I'm going to go love on my lovies a little while.  I'll be back in a few days.
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