Thursday, September 1, 2011

A promised trip to the "best place ever"!

All summer long my baby girl waited to go to "the" store.  The last week before school started, we finally got to go!  And, with her bestest friend ever.  

The weather was nice despite the heat, the girls were great the whole time, and us mommies got to visit the Pottery Barn and William Sonoma stores, too - bonus!

Eagerly waiting in matching dresses that I made for each of their birthdays.  

And here we goooooo....

After my daughter darted all over the store and pointed at EVERY thing there, and after a few "let's discuss this" talks, she finally narrowed it down to the hair brush, rollers, Halloween cat outfit, pair of shoes, t-shirt, and glasses.  That's one of those tough moments when you feel like all you say is "no, that's too much", but you want to just say, "yes, we'll take it all!"  She was fine with it all, but did point out items that she hopes Santa will bring this Christmas.  I can deal with that.

We also had a nice time dining upstairs.  Who knew a two-story building would be dedicated to dolls?  Anyway, I loved all the pink and fru-fru.  Fun.  Of course, we were all seated and catered to.  I'm pretty sure their dolls loved it.  My daughter's doll, Jessica was really kicked back and best friend's doll was amazed at the beautiful view of the Galleria.




My daughter's main course.  Look at the size of the burger and hot dog!  I ordered the salmon which was wonderful and best friend's mom had a dee-lish salad.  

We are looking forward to another visit.  However, my wallet is hesitant.  I'm kidding - it was worth every penny!

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  1. aww! My family took me to the store in Chicago a loooong time ago. I had several dolls but my favorite was always Felicity. Good memories :)

  2. I love American Girl dolls! My daughters (age 33 and 28) each have two and even though they are boxed up with all their clothes and furniture, we still think of them fondly. Although I have two grandsons, I am hoping for some of my other children to have girls or I will have to wait for great-granddaughters...but we will bring them out again sometime.

    I was with my grown daughters when we went to the store in NYC. It was so much fun and we bought doll shirts (I love NYC) to commemorate the occasion! I am so happy for you, your daughter and your friends! And their dresses that match their dolls are adorable!