Monday, November 21, 2011

Chalkboard Tablecloth

Have you tried chalkboard fabric?  It is wonderful and has so many uses like the one in my last post.  BFF Harriet gave me a roll of this wonder fabric about a year ago.  I kept waiting for that "perfect project" and finally found it.  I saw something similar on Kellie McCants Oilcloth Addict blog.  I would love to get my hands on her book, Sewing with Oilcloth (hint, hint Santa). 

Anyhoo, until I get the book (uh hem, Santa), I made my own pattern.  I taped lots of sheets of paper together.  Don't worry - I used paper from the "scrap" box.  They just happen to be flipped over to the plain side.

I used a standard dinner plate to draw my "scallops".  I just kind of eye-balled them!

I then cut out my scallops and took a look-see to make sure it looked okay.  I didn't take pictures of the next steps, but did this to complete the project:  turn the chalk cloth over and lay the pattern on top; using a Sharpie marker, trace the pattern; cut out with pinking shears.


Next, you will need to "prime" the chalk cloth.  With a piece of chalk on its side, go back and forth all over the chalk cloth until it is covered with chalk.  Use an eraser to erase most of the chalk.  Then, use a damp sponge or cloth to take the remaining chalk off the chalk cloth.   It may take several times of wiping to get it back to a clean black surface.  Kitty Moo-Moo was supervising.


Keep rinsing out your sponge or cloth and re-wiping or it will look "chalky" like the photos below.  The chalk cloth is now ready for some doodling, artwork, menus... whatever you can create!


I left my kiddos a little message for the next morning.  (I like to sing the little song, "Good morning to you, good morning to you.  We're all in our places, with bright, shining faces.  Good morning to you!")  They had lots of fun chalking it up the next day.  


I decided the tablecloth was too big, so I cut a little more from it to reduce the size.  When not in use, I just roll it back up and store it with the bolts of fabric that stand upright in the corner of my studio.  You don't want to crease your chalk cloth!

Chalk cloth can be found in fabric stores and online.  You know, just "Google it"!  You'll also find lots of tutorials and ideas for using chalk cloth.  Have fun with it!
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