Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No way!

I must have been an extremely good girl this year, cuz Santa came to my house early!  I was "random number" for a giveaway not once, but twice!

First, I received an email from the lovely Paige Hill, Internet Marketing Manager of Where Women Create, letting me know that I was the winner of the AccuQuilt Go!baby from their Fabulous Friday post in November.

I started squealing, jumping up and down, and carrying on.  My husband came to see what the ruckus was all about.  I explained in great, but exasperated detail (from the prior jumping around), but still I got that, "oh that's nice, dear" look.  He didn't "get" it.  But, he will after I dazzle him with all the projects I'm going to fly through!  Can I get a "uh huh, you know that's right"?

To sweeten the pot, AccuQuilt let me pick the three dies that I wanted!  More squealing.  That was a difficult choice.  So many cool dies to choose from.  I opted for "Rose of Sharon", "Funky Flowers", and "2 1/2" Strip Cutter".  I have been wanting to make a new quilt for my daughter's room and these will be perfect.  I was going to have to cut a bazillion flowers out by hand, but not so much now!  I thought the 2 1/2" strip cutter would be great for making bias, too.

I received everything yesterday, but before I could even get it out of the box to play, I got an email from the sweet Stephanie Brieger, Assistant Marketing Director of The Fat Quarter Shop and Jollly Jabber that I was the winner of Pam Kitty Morning's Designer Select Fat Quarter Bundle!  Okay, at this point, I was just giddy and giggling.

Could these two be paired any better?  I could whip up a fabulous quilt in no time at all!

I would like to thank Where Women Create, Accuquilt, Pam Vierira-McGinnis of Pam Kitty Morning, The Fat Quarter Shop, and The Jolly Jabber for such wonderful gifts.  If you haven't already checked out all these fine folks, I encourage you to do so.  Hop on over to follow their blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitters.  They always have wonderful news to share and fun projects going on all the time!  I met Lee from AccuQuilt at the Houston Quilt Market.  He's so knowledgeable about AccuQuilt products and very passionate about what he does. I was ready to buy the whole kit-n-kaboodle and I don't even own a shop!  This was truly a gift for me.

I'll be back soon to share the projects.  With all this luck floating around me, I'm wondering if I should go buy a few lottery tickets!
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  1. Wow-you must have been a very good girl! Congrats!

  2. Yea for you Mona! You deserve all those great gifts because you definitely will put them all to very good use. Enjoy! Hope your week is wonderful. Tammy