Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paper Garland Tutorial

I've seen quite a few tutorials on how to make paper garland and somewhat merged a few ideas to come up with my own garland.  I'm sure someone else has posted this out there in Blog Land, but here's my take:

card stock or double-sided scrapbook paper in various colors/patterns
circle cutter
sewing machine
thread - All Purpose is fine

1.  You will need at least three circles for each garland set.  My garland was approximately 45" long and had 30 sets, so I cut out 90 circles.  (I cut all those bad boys whilst watching TV one evening!)  The circles were 1" in diameter, but I think 2" circles would be nice also.  I laid the circles out in sets of three and varied the colors and patterns.

2.  Set your machine to straight stitch and a stitch length of 2.5.  Pull out a long length of upper and bobbin thread - about 12 inches or so, and lay them to the back of the machine.

3.  Stack three circles together and place them under the presser foot just in front of the needle.  Slowly lower the presser foot and while continuing to carefully hold the circles in place, begin to sew through the circles in a straight line.


4.  After you have sewn through the first set of circles, continue to sew about one inch before you add another set of circles.  I left about one inch between sets, but you can have your sets closer or further apart.  Continue sewing until all sets have been sewn.


5.  When you are finished, tie a sturdy knot at the beginning of the garland close to the first set of circles.  Tie another knot in the same way after the last set of circles.  

6.  You are now ready to separate the circles and fan them out.  Gently pull the side pieces away from the centers.  Use your fingernail or a bone folder to push them away from the center, or pinch them in the opposite direction.  The stitching will be fairly tight and will keep the papers from folding back inward.


7.  Tie pretty ribbons at the ends of the garland, hang, and enjoy!


I'm off to make more garland for Christmas!  See you soon! Pin It


  1. When you are sewing between the circles, how do you keep the thread from binding up in the bobbin case?

  2. I love your garland! First I've seen with multiple circles and the effect with the extra dimension is just lovely!!!

  3. Really like the dimension that having three circles gave to the garland. What a great idea!

  4. @ DreamingTreeFarm - I've never had problems with the thread or bobbin case binding up. Just keep sewing and it will make sort of a chain stitch until you begin stitching on your next set of circles.

  5. Thank you so much! I've wanted to try, but was worried I would damage my machine! Looks like you had a late night ;-) with you 2 am post!