Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday... to me!

Yes, today is my birthday!  I love to celebrate it each year and decided to treat myself to the sweetest birthday gift ever... Mr. Tinkles!

He is my three month old Yorkie and is just as loveable as can be! He's tiny, just two pounds.  Hopefully he'll stay fairly small, about five pounds.  Mr. Tinkles is timid, but a friendly little guy.  And no, he doesn't tinkle everywhere.  That name just popped in my head before I even picked him out.  And, it just makes me giggle every time I say it!

We put a little bow in his hair, even though it isn't very long and we got so tickled.  He put his little head down as if he was embarrassed!  So, my daughter made this funny little montage:

Our cat, Kitty Moo Moo is not thrilled with him AT ALL!  She has already let him know she controls this block.  Fortunately, our older dog, Bear is fine with him.  Actually a little indifferent, but Mr. Tinkles is okay with that because he isn't starving for any affection around here!  We've made three trips to Petsmart for goodies and treats and he's all signed up for puppy classes later this month.  Tee hee, we're having so much fun!

Another addition to our home was from Santa to my son - a precious mini Holland Lop bunny!  He is the softest little thing, loves to be held, and plays great with Mr. Tinkles!  They are about the same age and size, too. He hops around and does this little popcorn twist in the air that is so fun to watch!  My son is still trying to decide on a name for him, poor little nameless fella.

I would like to throw out a special 'thanks bunches' to Mrs. Lavender at Lavendar Dreams for her birthday wishes today.  So sweet!

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and celebrated the new year safely and joyfully!  It was relaxing around here with the kids all home, presents to wrap, people to visit, cookies to make, lights to 'ooh and aah' over, and of course, new babies in the house.  We are now back in the regular swing of things and I hope to get some sewing in very soon.  (Santa brought me a Bendable Bright LED light for my new sewing machine and a cool book, too!) I plan to start on my daughter's quilt using my new Go! Baby - wish me luck!  In the meantime, I'll be snuggling with this little guy - 

Love. Him.  (singing, fading away... "happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Mona....")
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  1. Happy new year! And happy, happy, happy birthday to you! Mr. Tinkles is the sweetest little thing. Sounds like you got a lot of love going on over there with all the furbabies. Have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

  2. Ohhhhhh Mr Tinkles is adorable!!! Sooooo sweet. Happy Happy Happy Birthday and here's to dreams coming true x

  3. Mr tinkles is a little love!!!! Happy birthday Mona!!!

  4. Mr. Tinkles is precious! I hope you had a lovely birthday, and the coming year be filled with even more fun and surprises!

  5. Hi Mona, A little bird told me it was your birthday so I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Birthday Mona!
    Sorry I am late wishing you all things wonderful, but I did in fact think of you as you and my middle daughter share the same birthday. I love your new little Mr. Tinkles!! I really miss having a dog me thinking I may need a new one.