Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hally Happoween Ya'll!

Halloween is just a few days away and we are getting excited around here!  I made pumpkin bread, we bought our pumpkins the other day, painted a few, and will be ready to carve the others on Wednesday.  Costumes are ready, too.  Even mine and my husband's! 

Every year my son asks, "Mom, what are you gonna be this year?"  And my answer is usually, "a hagard Mom!"  I usually get "the face".  But, this year I wised up and made it easy on myself and had a better answer for the little man.  I found these cute masks at JoAnn's, of course.  Super-cheap, under $2.00 each, I think.  They came "ready to paint".  And, naturally I added a little glitter - to mine.  (I promised my husband I wouldn't glitter his.  After all, Frankenstein isn't too scary when all glittery.)  I wrapped the handle with some fabric left over from the Halloween shirt re-do and "whoo hoo"!  I also whipped up the little "Boo" piece.  Cute, cute, and cute.

And, I just couldn't stand my boring old stapler (and had nothing better to do - huh?), so I tricked out my stapler!  Yes, a little spray paint, fabric, trim, and E6000 will do the trick and quick!  I say, why not - go nuts with it.  Then I got "the look" from my daughter.  "What-evvv-ah".

Anyway, my BFF Harriet and I are having a Trunk Show in a few weeks and we have been busy brainstorming.  I tried to talk her into calling it "Harry and Mo's Trunk Sho'".  I got that look again.  Okay, maybe not.  We need more time and money and... "Phahahahah - we could rule the (crafting) world!!!  Back to reality... we have made some progress and have had fun in the process.  I'll post pictures soon. 

Remember me mentioning being organized?  Well, I also get asked, "how do you keep everything so neat?" - a lot.  It's because I'm a freak for being tidy!  I work, work, work and then, before I stagger off to bed in the wee hourse of the morning, I clean it all up again!  So here are the "before" and "after's".  It's scary, so prepare yourself.  Appalling, I know.

Hey, I warned you!  I hope you all enjoy Halloween and wish you the best of "Trick or Treating" weather, too!

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