Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caramel Apples!

Why did I wait sooooo long to make caramel apples?  It has been years!  Remember the Caramel Wraps? I'm sure they still make them. Those were awesome - and so easy!

I saw the Kraft Caramel Bits at the grocery store the other day and thought my youngest kids would just love them.  Well, they weren't all that impressed but I had much fun making them and it brought back fond memories.  Anyway, they looked pretty on the plate.  My oldest daughter I shared one.  Yummo!

My friend, Harriet and I tested out the masks.  Pretty spooky, huh!  HA!  Have a safe and Happy Halloween everybody!


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  1. I thought I'd take that walk down memory lane and do the carmel apple thing with the kids last week. Disaster. Wish I'd had the cool caramel wraps from the old days. I unwrapped hundreds of little candies and melted them into a gooey mess. I put bowls of goodies on the table for the kids to roll them in...Well long story short, my son burned his finger on molten caramel while rolling in choc chips. Half of my goodies wouldn't stick. After the burn experience the others were scareed. Then the aftermath of trying to clean up dryed on caramel. CRAZY. But you know, someday that will be a great memory. Lisa

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this! I used the caramel bits and just dipped them myself since they were so hot. I put the sprinkles on a plate and just rolled the "just-dipped" apples around the plate over the sprinkles which kind of mashed them in place! Maybe we should just purchase the ready-made apples and pretend that we made them! Less fuss and mess :)

  3. I did some quick checking on the internet. Concord Foods makes the wraps (this was updated in 2009) and sells them at stores such as Tom Thumb, Kroger, Walmart, etc. Maybe there's still hope for "the good ol' days"!!