Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get it together!

Now that Halloween has come and gone, I'm gearing up for the holidays.  Decorating for Thanksgiving is always a fun time for me, and well Christmas - an all out excuse to decorate every room in the house.  More on that later!  But, I have so many projects in mind that I have to stop and take stock, make lists, and of course... get organized!  So, I wanted to share with you some ways that I stay organized throughout the year.

I love storage boxes of all sorts!  I am fortunate to have a roomy closet in my studio and I have equipped it with lots of great shelves and yes, LOTS of storage boxes!  I love them!  I divided things up in groups like paint, glue, scissors, paper, sewing supplies, etc.  Now I can easily find the supplies the kids and I need for our projects.

I picked up about 15 or so of these boxes at JoAnn's when they were on sale.  They hold mostly sewing supplies and tons of little spools of thread as well as embroidery and serger thread.  I made the labels on the computer and just cut them out and slipped them in the brackets.  Easy to change as my needs change.

These little boxes are great for storing patterns and odds and ends.  I painted the front with chalkboard paint so I can re-label when I need to.  Or, my daughter can play and draw!

I found this little trio of buckets at Hobby Lobby in the gardening section and it stays on my counter to hold brushes, pencils, scissors, and sewing tools that we use frequently.  Fun.

When I work on a project periodically, I like to keep it handy, so a container like this is great.  I can keep my area tidy for other projects and pull it out when I need it without having to search for all the supplies.  I have about four different things going on in this little box!

I use magnetic containers like these to hold paperclips, push pins, rubberbands, and such.  I found these at World Market in the kitchen area.  They are actually spice jars!  And on the other side of the hutch is a handy cork board for notes and swatches.  I just glued 6" square pieces of cork to the hutch.  Super easy!

One of my favorite organizers is this awesome peg board which I purchased at Lowe's. It came with this great silver painted surface and holds yet more scissors (hey, you cannot have too many scissors!), pliers, tape, ribbon, paper towels, needles, and even my small ironing board!  I also keep my sewing machine feet on the peg board in small bags that are labeled.  This keeps me from having to dig around in my sewing machine!

Well, I have no excuses now!  I better get busy and get these projects going.  I 'm excited about the upcoming holidays, crafting, and sharing.  I hope to hear from you!

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  1. Okay, you rock! My art room is a disaster, a total mess. I spend half my time digging through boxes trying to find what I need. Then I get sidetracked when I find something I forgot about. I love that all of your containers look alike or similar. It makes your studio a pleasure to be in, I'm sure. You've inspired me to get organized. Gotta save those 40% off coupons. Lisa