Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm a busy, busy bunny!

I've been busy working on the little baskets for Miss Rhea's Easter Basket Swap... and "ta-da"!  They are complete and ready to be shipped!  I had so much fun making these.  The possibilities are endless so I had to just dive in or I would still be in the planning stages!  But, I am happy with the way they came out and hope my swap partners will enjoy them.  I can't wait to see what they send  my way!  I will post pictures after these sweet ladies have received their baskets - so stay tuned!  You can also see some sneak peaks at the Flickr group.  Wow, there are some gorgeous little creations there!

In the meantime, guess who came to visit early?  Yup, Peter Cotton Tail.  He's just hanging out with us, resting over Spring Break, getting ready for the "show".  He has a lot to coordinate, you know.  I thought I saw him texting earlier.  Probably reminders to his assistant, last minute details, etc.  Anyway, I'm glad he's here!

Miss Rhea inspired me so much with her beautiful glittered eggs that I just had to make a few myself.  You know how much I love glitter - I coulda glittered all night!  I'll show more of these in the next post with some other little goodies I had fun glitzing!  The cool faux mossy rocks came from BFF (she's clever, that one) and the "grass" from Lisa.  Don't you just love my pretty platter?  Yeah, Target.  Love that place.

Have a wonderful Spring Break and stay sparkly!

Mona Pin It


  1. OOo - soooo pretty! Those eggs are gorgeous! I need to dig my lil bunny out soon!

  2. I love these eggs! i glittered up a lamb and it is too cute too! Would it be better to somehow seal things that you glitter with a spray varnish or something? I have been curious as to how to cut down on having glitter around-

  3. Mona,
    I'm inspired. I'm heading to the attic when I get home for my Easter decorations. I just love your bunny platter.

  4. Mona,
    You are so creative! I love the bunny and, of course, the glittery eggs!
    . . . Can't wait to catch up with you this weekend at the retreat.