Friday, March 12, 2010

Pinkalicious Tea Party!

My baby girl turned four years old last weekend and we celebrated like all ladies should - with a Pinkalicious Tea Party!  Lots of love and fun went into the making of this event.  Yes, it was for my daughter and yes, I admit it was for me, too!

First, we had to get that perfect dress - in pink!  (I wish I could just walk in the store, snatch a dress of the rack, take it home and look as beautiful as she did!!)

Don't forget to invite your best friends!

I worked on little party favors over the past few weeks.  What could be better than sewing petit fours whilst waiting on a budding ballerina, a martial-arts master in the making, or stealing a few moments to watch a movie?  I made cookies and truffles, too.  Uh-yummo!  Felt play food is the best!

Next, lets ready the table and chairs, welcome the guests, and set the table.  Chocolate covered marshmallows, cookies, and sweet strawberries.  Mmmmm, tea.... (er pink lemonade).

We can't attend tea unless properly attired and glittered from head to toe!

Yay, time for tea!  One lump, or two?  ... and cake, of course!

A big thank you and hug for my friend, Harriet for serving as the Tea Hostess at the party.  She is the tea queen - and only the best for my baby girl!

It was a fabulous day.  The weather was beautiful and all the little guests were able to come celebrate with us.  My little baby just shined.  Those are such precious moments.  To watch them in that element, that special moment in time when they are just beaming and giggly.  (sigh, sniff)

Excuse me now.  I need to go hug my babies.


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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!
    Her tea party looks so beautiful!! I loved every detail. Mona, you are so, so talented and creative. I enjoy your blog so much. It is one of the prettiest there is.

  2. How pretty!!! And belated happy birthday to your birthday girl. Our baby boy's birthday is today. He probably wouldn't enjoy a pink tea party though, at 27. LOL Beautiful party, every little girl's dream.

  3. everything soooo beautifullll! :)
    huggs from Portugal!

  4. what a beautiful and fun party you had for your daughter! I love the little cnady felties! Those white chocolate strawberries look so delicious! Happy Birthday to your daughter!