Thursday, March 11, 2010

To shed a little light on the subject...

I just wasn't into paying $500 for a chandelier I found on the internet that "is just perfect for my dining area"!!  So I thought I would try to save a few dollars (because I have NO luck in finding awesome things at garage and estate sales - everrrr) and just transform a  new chandelier into an "old" chandelier.  Well, I guess it worked.  Kind of.  Ish.

I found this chandelier at IKEA for about $48.00.  It was a brushed chrome, but had lots and lots of crystals and pendants.  I thought, "Eh, I'll just take those shiny things off, paint it and slap 'em back on - good to go."  I've done my fair share of spray painting, but this wasn't going well!  I even primed it.  I think it was too cold outside and it just didn't look good.  I gave up and threw it in the garage mumbling something about paying more and calling it good.

A week passed and I changed my mind.  Its just paint, right?  Better weather and determination!  And, those little baubles went back on so easy.  Yee haw!  Just in time for my baby's 4th birthday Pinkalicious Tea Party... more on that soon!

Now, I just need to figure out a way to add some cool metal flowers or something!  Let there be light!

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  1. oh wow, it looks gorgeous! So pleased you persevered and ended up with such a beauty!