Friday, May 21, 2010

To market, to market!!!

Martha Pullen Sewing Market, that is!  I discovered this awesome event several years ago right here in Arlington and have gone each year since then.  The first year I just walked around, each day for three days - amazed, like I was on vacation!  No kids, no phone, no errands - just me and fabric and thread and sewing toys!  If you love heirloom sewing, this is the place to meet Martha Pullen and some of her great staff.  They have classes and demonstrations and a retail area that will make your head spin!

On my next visit, I purchased my Janome sewing machine from a local dealer.  Oh yeah, I had been scoping this machine out and I think it was meant to be (at least that's what I told myself) because it was on (enter announcer's radio/tractor pull voice) "SHOW SPECIAL"!!  After about a week of feeling really guilty, I finally took the machine out of the box and I never looked back!  I got over it speedy quick.

My third visit was even better!  I bought my Babylock Evolve serger.  That's right.  The mac-daddy of sergers!  And guess what?  It too was on "SHOW SPECIAL"!  I guess I'm just lucky that way!  I didn't feel as guilty and had no problem getting that little baby out of the box. 

And this year?  Well, I was asked by Lorene to help work in her booth.  She is the genius behind  She not only carries fabric and sewing notions, she makes up these great kits.  She picks out the best fabrics and puts them together with the trims and patterns and has them all packaged and ready for you to... that's right - go home and "sew it up!"

Ok, work is a strong word.  More like play - greet fellow sewing enthusiasts and fondle fabric all day!  Uh huh, child's play!  The other ladies working with Lorene were so sweet and helpful, too.  So, thanks everyone for letting me play!

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  1. such beautiful fabrics and your photos are just lovely. I would love to spend some time (and some $$) here among all this beautiful fabric!

    Hope you had a wonderful day there!


  2. Oh how lovely Mona!! I would have loved to have played with you there!!! Everything is so pretty!! Glad you had a fun time. I can't wait to see what you sew up next!

  3. GET OUT! I didn't know about this! Why did I not hear about this when I lived up there? Oh wait, that's right. I didn't have kids, well I did right before we moved, but it was my baby boy not girl. Hmmm I am going to have to check into the next one....