Friday, June 4, 2010

Am I the only one?

Is there anyone out there like me?  Slow?  Calculating?  Precise? and.... ORGANIZED to a fault?  Its a curse, I tell you!

I love sewing - you know that already.  It gives me much pleasure and I learn so much every time I make something.  But, I swear declare, I am the slowest!  I see others whip up stuff in just a few hours.  Will I ever do that?  I always thought it was because I was a novice.  I am beginning to think I will always be slow!

After days of deliberation, staring at my stash of fabric, deciding which pattern to use, etc., I finally make my choices and start "the process".  First, I use paper to trace out the pattern in the size I need.  (I have friends who just buy the pattern multiple times and cut out what they need - lucky them!)

Then, I have to write all that pertinent information on my traced copy.  (I actually do that quickly - it doesn't need to be purty.)

Next, I write notes as to what I am going to cut out and assemble so that I don't mess it up.  Why? 

"Mommy?  Can you help me?" 
"Mom, have you seen my...?"
"Ack, time to pick up the kids!"
"Mommy, someone's at the door!"
"Crud, we're late for baseball practice - get your stuff!"
"Mom?  Phone!"

Get it?  So, after all my notes, I start laying out and cutting.

And guess what?  ALL that careful planning.... and I cut out the wrong piece anyway!!!!  Arrrrrrrgghhh!  Deep breath.  (mumbling to myself.... "Label that and put it aside.  You can use it for another dress.  Maybe in reverse of this one.  This should go quickly and maybe you can whip that one up, too.)  Really?

Okay, so finally I get to the point of actually sewing.  Two days later.

Again, am I the ONLY one?  sigh

Mona Pin It


  1. Mona,
    Oh what I would give if I could sew like you. I have so many projects I have started and not finished. I keep telling myself I will finish those projects when I retire....We'll see!

  2. I do the same thing but before I cut the fashion fabric, I make a muslin so it seems to take forever but I am happy with what I make. And yes I still make mistakes too!