Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I shot this picture a few weeks ago and just loved it.  I didn't do a thing to it (except add my logo).  I didn't even play with it in Photoshop.  It was a bit windy and because of the aperature I chose, everything in the background has a nice painterly effect.

Sometimes you just get lucky!

And, sometimes you don't!  I have passed by this great barn a million times.  Seriously, a million.  Every single time (a little exaggerated) one or both of the resident longhorns are standing in front of the barn... mocking me.. "Ooooh, why don't you  have your camera, Mona?  Too bad for you!  Hahahahaha!"  They mock me.  So when I went to actually shoot this picture, where were the teasing longhorns?  NOT in front of the barn.  No, they were in the shade AWAY from the barn.  I'll get you two, you just wait!  (Fist in air.)  In the meantime...

FYI, I passed by this barn today... yep, in front of the barn... mocking me.

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  1. You had me giggling here Mona...poor long horns, if they only knew what was coming to them! haha
    LOVE the first photo and you are right, sometimes we do get lucky. I love those days {sigh}!
    All of your photos are beautiful, photoshopped or not :)

  2. I love this barn! And you are cracking me up with the barn mocking!