Monday, June 28, 2010

Leftovers are good!

I used the leftover fabric  from this little dress to make another one.  I just love this pattern  (Simplicity 2377).  Easy, simple, and easy.  

 My four year old daughter spied this one and decided she would rather have it instead of the other one.  "Make up your mind, little girl!"   I think it was the cupcake and pie that did it for her.  Shiny beads or an apron?  You do the math.

I'm working on another little project (something fun for the kids) that I hope to have finished soon and I have some ideas in mind for another little outfit, too.  And somewhere in there, I need to put it all aside and enjoy my kiddos.  I only have one more year until my youngest starts kindergarten and we all know how fast that goes.  Too fast, that 's how fast.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Special vibes and prayers to all of you who are stressed and not feeling well.  Take care of yourselves - your loved ones need you!

Mona Pin It


  1. your dress is darling, and the embroidered pockets are beautiful, a perfect addition to the dress.