Friday, July 30, 2010

My new best friend!

I found a new friend!  Yes, it is a thimble.

I decided to finish my quilt binding by hand and by the time I had completed one side I had a nice little blister on the end of "that" finger.  Owwwie!  Thank goodness for the quilt shop just about 2 miles away!  "And say hello to my little friend!"

It was well worth the $8.95 sticker shock price to save "that" finger from any more torture.  And, the little rubber part kept it from falling off.  Best part?  It's pink!  (I see you grinning, Sissie!)

See those pretty little pins?  My mom and I sewed many things with those and therefore, I will use them as long as possible and keep them always!  I can still picture her pinning things together and always with one or two pursed between her lips!

I'll show my quilt in the next post as I forgot to take it outside earlier to get some nice pictures!

Til then, Pin It

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  1. I will have to invest too!! CAN NOT wait to see the quilt! I am going into the mountains on vaca so hope I don't miss it!! I will be with out internet for a few days I'm afraid!! ~Shelley O.