Saturday, October 30, 2010


Random stuff...

I found a super-easy pattern at JoAnn's several months back - probably one of the $1.99 patterns - bonus, right?  I love this little dress because not only is it easy to sew, it is versatile - with a t-shirt in the fall/winter and without for spring and summer.  Adding buttonholes is the most tedious part of the project.  I made two dresses last weekend and am going to attempt to make one with a single knit fabric.  I'm branching out, getting a little wild!  Although not that wild - I'm forgoing the sleeve action.  Well duh!

I bought the cutest buttons!  Which one for which dress?  They look good on both.  I'll show you the finished dresses soon.  They turned out sweet.  This is a cotton print...

And these are lightweight corduroys...

Next random thought...

My daughter took over my computer the other night - (stinkin' homework assignments!) so I fiddled around and made more of these....

Recognize any of the fabric?  Remnants.  That's why we keep them - all of them.  I still need to add the stems, but I thought that would be a nice project for movie night in front of the television.  And, I'm baking "tendrils" as I type.  Obviously.

I love the brown fabric.  I could put it everywhere!  I found it at Calico Corners years ago and I just adore it, Daaahling.  I just wish I had scads more.

I've made curtains and pillows with it and these cute little bags.

Next random thought...

The weather has been typical for this area - 80's in the day and chilly's in the evening!  I had to put the flannel sheets on the bed last night.  I love my flannel sheets!  We watched the high school football game last night and it was cold out there!  That's Texas football weather!  And, we won, oh yeah!

Okay, that's all I got!  I am off to carve pumpkins with the kids and then I think we'll make some Halloween confetti cupcakes.  Fun stuff!  Mr. La La is busy working on the pool and yard before the Ranger game at which time the rest of us have to "be seen and not heard"!!  He loves his Rangers!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. You know I'm loving the sweet bags! And the pumpkins are adorable, I tried my hand at making some this yr. but they are a far cry from yours! The buttons are sooo cute, I can't wait to see the dresses!