Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"And tomorrow... I'm makin' waffles!"

Can anyone tell me what movie that came from?  

Anyhoo, I had a chance to work up some toaster pastries and waffles and I thought they turned out so cute.  My daughter just loves them.  I used the Toaster PDF Pattern from Gulf Coast Cottage and they were super easy.  I didn't make the toaster as my daughter already has one.  But, her next request was for the bagels and cream cheese!  "Commmming right up!"

Stay tuned for my next post and some exciting news!
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  1. Those are just adorable.I know your daughter is enjoying them.

  2. Great quote, we are also Donkey fan! My favorite: "Parfaits are delicious!"
    Your waffles look also totally delicious!
    did you stitch the syrup and butter to the waffles or just the butter to the syrup?