Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Smokin' Hot Roller Skates

Mimi - this is for you!  Yes, these are my roller skates.  I think they are about 30 years old now.  Gah!  Gasp!  Ack!  But, they still skate like it was yesterday and I was cool with my painter's pants and a comb in my pocket for my "fly backs"!  Cuz, that's how I (still) roll!

The best part?  When I turned around to skate backwards (yeah, I can still do that, too!), my son said, "Cool!  Look guys, my mom can twirl!"  I love that boy!
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  1. Oh how I love your post! The title made me giggle and click on the link! Yep I used to wear out the roller skates at the roller rink. I am cracking up over the fly backs! Would that be what we called wings? Such good memories. Thanks for taking me there! Oh and that is so cool that you can still skate backwards. I just found out not long ago I can still cartwheel. I was all kinds of impressed with myself! Hahaha!

  2. How adorable are those skates and yea for you to be able to skate so well. I love it that you kept the skates without knowing (or secretly hoping) that someday you would need to amaze your son with your ability to do something as fabulous as skating backwards! It's nice when your son sees you as something other than the greatest mom in the world. Thanks for the pics.