Saturday, December 18, 2010

Everything's Rosy

I got swept away with making the shabby fabric roses.  For headbands, brooches, purses... you know.  I found this tutorial to be quite helpful.  She has some pretty neat stuff over there!



JoAnn's had this awesome fabric for only $2.99 a yard (60") and so I snatched it right up and made these bags and of course, added roses.  It is a utility fabric - the meshy, "green", recyclable kind of material.  It was so easy to work with. I also put a lined piece of cardboard in the bottom of each one to hold their shapes.  The smaller bag turned out a little too tall so I folded it over and voila - it's a lunchbag!


More headbands...


Pins for teacher gifts...


And, finally (this has nothing to do with roses but didn't merit its own post)... I'm official!  Whatever that means!  I added my tags to the bags and this little skirt I made for the youngest daughter.  I feel so, so... professional!

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  1. Your sewn pieces are wonderful and you should consider yourself a professional. Heck, I can't even sew on a button. ha! Always wonderful when you can use your talents for good. The pillowcases must be so easy for you to whip up and they are for a worthy cause.

    My little tree in the living room is basically a very pretty night light right now too. I made a paper garland yesterday but it needs to be a bit longer. My idea was to handmake all the decorations for it this year. But hey, there's still a week left, right. :/

    Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  2. I love your gorgeous roses!!!

  3. I love my bag. Those pins are so cute. Have fun sewing.

  4. I love your lunch bag idea - so cute! I should make my husband a new lunch bag (I don't think I'll put a rolled flower on it though, he might not like that :-). Your Christmas curtains are cute too!

  5. OMG... Love those Roses. They are so pretty.

    Driving Miss Stacey