Friday, December 17, 2010

Red, White, and Green

Pillowcases for Cook Children's Hospital through the DFW Stitch a Wish program.  They try to give one to every patient during the holidays.  These are so fast and easy to make -  I need to start sewing pillowcases now for the new year also.  Unfortunately, there will always be sweet kids at the hospital.  Fortunately, there's Cook Children's Hospital and the Stitch a Wish program.


New curtains just for the holidays.  I made a skirt for my four year old with the remaining fabric.  Now she can tell her friends she has accessory curtains to go with her skirt!  HA!

I love the red and white in the kitchen.


Last year's little 12 Days of Christmas hanging I made.  Still love it!  CELEBRATE!

I bought a white tree with white lights for my bedroom last year just after Christmas.  I put it in my room several weeks ago and have yet to decorate it.  Yes, I made paper garland.  Yes, I bought ornaments.  Yes, it is still undecorated.  I really don't know why.  But, it serves as a great night light.  Maybe I will do that today?  Or not.

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