Thursday, January 6, 2011

Queen for the Day

As I posted last year, I have no problem telling people, "Today is my birthday!"  Why not, right?  Yes, I'm older and yes, much better (? questionable - but I'm going with it), but it was another year of living and loving life.  Another year's worth of gifts from God.  So, party on!

 I had a wonderful day and many birthday wishes from friends.  I had a great lunch with my sweet baby girl and two dear friends at a local burger shop that just opened.  They have sweet potato fries that are fantabulous!  My daughters left me little birthday notes about the house and on my chalkboard in the kitchen.   My daughter's boyfriend even brought me fresh flowers - big time points in my book!  And, my husband made sure I didn't cook last night (I wish every day was my birthday!) and brought home my annual birthday cookie!  It was a loverly day!

Ummmm, sorry - I got caught up in the moment and forgot to take a picture of the cookie cake BEFORE we tore it apart!  It was yummy though!

I went ahead and splurged on the Nook color.  I love it and it is a fun little thing to have.  My BFF and I can go to Barnes and Noble (together  - like a girlfriend date) and then sit in silence (together - not speaking) and read to our Nook's content (together - in silence)!!  How fun will that be?!  I, having four children and BFF having two of her own certainly appreciate the "quiet moments" in life!  Even if it means escaping to a public place to have them!

I do feel a little guilty though.  Lots of money for a toy.  So, I've made myself feel better by knowing that it will be there for all the family to use and hopefully I will take the time I should to sit and read God's word on a daily basis.  I know, I can do that with a printed bible.  Don't throw that in my face.  Anyway, I'm keeping it.  I think it is like that gym membership - if you pay good money, you are more likely to guilt yourself into using it use it.  I will be able to purchase some books from the money my sweet mother-in-law sent and I decided to sew my own Nook cover instead of buying the pricey leather kind.  And, who needs an excuse to sew?

Well, I've gotten the grocery shopping out of the way and posted for the day.  On to see the counselor at the local college.  Its time to see what needs to be taken care of for my oldest daughter.  She graduates high school this year and wants to jump into college courses this summer.  I think I've put this off for obvious reasons.  But, she must move on to that chapter in life and I want to be there to guide her, encourage her, and then watch her fly. She has great things ahead of her, I know.
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  1. Sounds like a delightful day! May the coming year be just as wonderful!