Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry!

Today is my friend Harriet's birthday!  When my son was little, he called her "Harry".  And, one of her daughter's called me "Mo".  So, when we are being silly, we call ourselves Harry and Mo.  Noice, huh?

Harriet was a good girl last year apparently, because Santa put a Nook under the tree for her at Christmas.  So, I made a little pouch for it just to keep it safe until she could purchase something made for a Nook.  It is padded and has a soft lining that won't scratch the it.

Then I bought my Nook. After looking at covers, I had a hard time paying that kind of money (especially after the purchase of the Nook and considering "I can make that" always comes to mind).  So I purchased a 3-pack of e-reader patterns from Birdiful Stitches and made my own.  It went together very nicely and keeps my Nook protected and pretty!  Included with the patterns is an e-reader hipster.  Gonna have to make that very soon.  Check out her patterns - way awesome!  She's done the hard part so you can do the fun part!


Harriet and I have been so busy that we haven't even been able to go to Barnes and Noble together with our Nooks so we can sit together in silence while reading them!  So here's  my somewhat selfish plan...

Harriet, when you get a moment to read this -

  • Let's get together SOON.  I mean, put it on the calendar no matter what and get together.
  • Let's go to B&N with our Nooks.
  • I'm buying you whatever delish beverage they offer.
  • And bringing you a little something-something I made.
  • And if you would like a new cover with a clever little pocket and button - say the word and it will be so!

Happy Birthday Harry!
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  1. Sounds great to me.Whenever this Texas Blizzard is over and I understand ch,2 in math which should be soon. You bet I want one of those new cases.I'm still working on your BD Present almost finished.Talk to you soon.

  2. I LOVE your nook cover! I always have that "I can make that, so I won't buy it" feeling, but it almost never turns out as cute as yours did! I love your eye for fabric and putting different colors together! If you ever do a tutorial for how you made this, let me know!