Wednesday, February 2, 2011


With the crazy weather and the kids having a few "snow days" away from school, I decided I would indulge in a little bit of holiday myself.  They were all content to stay bundled up in their rooms (teenagers) or come in and out repeatedly from playing in the snow (young in's).  

I finished a skirt that had been sitting there for the past week or two.  My youngest claimed it for herself.  Fortunately, it was her size.  Wow, who would have guessed?


I'm sure everyone else (and their dog) has this awesome little light, but I just bought mine.  Having held off from spending the $50 on it, I had a weak moment at the local quilt shop.  That little person (not the lady at the quilt shop) was tapping on my shoulder saying things like, "You deserve it" and "Its a tool, its totally necessary" and even worse "You're old - your eyes need all the help they can get."  Thanks, thanks a lot.  Anyway, I held on to the guilt for a few moments and after using it, I don't know why I didn't buy it sooner!  HA!  (Little voice.. "See, I told you so...")


Another great tool in my arsenal of studio goodies - my new walking foot.  Oh yeah, it rocks!  Again, don't know how I lived without this little puppy!  Making these little coasters was a breeze, I tell ya!  I'll be making more of these very soon!  I found the tutorial on Martha Stewart's website.  Nothing fancy.  Just straight lines.  


Maybe now that I've made friends with the walking foot, I will venture out to sew some cool "mug rugs" like the these from Morgane from Bear, Dolly and Moi.  She even made a tray for them!

And this one from Jennifer of That girl... That Quilt.  Apparently, she is a neighbor of mine.  Well, here in the metroplex anyway!  These ladies inspire me to further this whole quilting experience!  Look, a place for her tea and spoon!

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  1. When you were a baby did your mother sew in the room where you slept so that a sewing machine motor whirring nearby is comforting to you? You were born to create and I love to see all your projects. Love the skirt! And thanks for the helpful hints on pieces of equipment that I didn't even know I needed!!

  2. Glad to hear you like your new light. I have been investigating various lighting and magnification systems due to my recent vision problems. So happy for modern technology that keeps us stitching!