Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Retreat 2011 - Going Home

Do you ever pass by a building or particular place that you feel drawn to?  Do you ever wonder about its history, who lived or worked there?  Well, I do.  I took some time going home to stop and take a few photos of some of these places.  I think it would be such a treat to go back in time to when they were first built, to see who designed them, lived in them.  What stories they could tell.  This was a little bit of my drive home....


No Texas town is complete without it's beautiful church steeple, Texas flag painted somewhere on a building, or a street named Pecan, Oak, or Crockett.  I hope you enjoyed the ride.
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  1. Those are great shots, the buildings are so quaint. Love the house, it has a real storybook quality to it. Thanks for visiting!

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  3. Looks like Palestine Tx :)