Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Retreat 2011- Part 2

We changed up our routine a little bit this past retreat.  Most of us came in on Thursday night this time, but unfortunately I couldn't.  I got there as soon as I could on Friday morning and the road trip was on!  All ten miles of it!  Turns out that there is a "little" quilt shop just down the road.  Literally.  This was  my seventh retreat to Mineola in four years and I never knew what fun was just around the corner!

Stitchin' Heaven is in Quitman, Texas.  Go to their website for all kinds of information - they have everything a quilter needs and retreats, classes, etc.  Ooooh, look at all that fabric!


They had another huge room with cutting tables and work tables.  Great space!

Afterward, we grabbed lunch at the Texas Tea Room and Grill.  Lots of fun things there from souveniers to boots, clothes, and jewelry!  I had the chicken and spinach crepe and fried okra which was quite tasty.

So if you ever get a chance to swing through Quitman, Texas, don't forget to check them out! Pin It

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  1. I can tell we are not blood cousins because I only did two little vests and two hats for Halloween and thought I did so well...nothing like you my dear! I really liked the free motion stitching on the flowers you put on the outfits you made and I liked Sherry's coat too. You ladies are busy! How have you not gained weight? Are you jogging in place as you cut and then do a few sit-ups after sewing a seam??!

    You are so talented and I enjoy seeing all the things you create. Thanks for sharing.