Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Garland - NOEL

I couldn't stand it.  I had to have a new Martha Stewart tool to add to my crafting arsenal.  Her tools are the best. THE BEST!  I bought the scoring board with paper medallions in mind, but wait... you can do so much more!  Like envelopes and boxes!  Yes!

Back to the topic at hand... since I decided to decorate with my Victorian ornaments this year, it threw off my whole plan and I had to (really forced to) make a new garland.  I usually hang something in front of my large mirror in the living room and last year I made a wreath for it.  Well, that wreath didn't match the tree this year so I had move things around a bit.  That wreath is now outside on the front door; the wreath from the front door is now in the kitchen; different garland on the front door and in the living room around the column - but its all good. 

So here's what I came up with...

I used another Martha Stewart tool - the circle cutter, to cut out my letters.  I used Word and the 'Carnival MF Open' font in a gold color to create the letters in N-O-E-L and my little dobber-doo-hickey and brown stamp ink to "age" the edges around each letter.  Cream card stock was used for the letters and double-sided scrapbook paper for the medallions.

Making the medallions was super easy, but I did have a little difficulty hanging them.  I was originally going to use some red and white baker's twine.  However, I spaced them too far apart and even though I glued the twine toward the top of each medallion, they were top heavy and wanted to lean forward.  It just didn't look good.  


So, I ripped off the twine and decided to use the gold ribbon instead.  Since they lean forward and are against a mirror where the back of the garland can be seen, I decorated the back sides as well.  You can't see it in the photo below, but I also dobbed brown ink around the edges of each of the circles.  I punched two holes in each circle to run the ribbon through, then glued them to the backs of the medallions.  It turned out much better. 

Excuse me?  Did I actually get a picture of it hanging on the mirror?  Ummmm, on my cell phone... yeah.  Do you know how hard it is to take a photograph looking into a mirror?  Without getting all that stuff you don't want to show?  Like ceiling air vents, the fan, or an adjacent room?  Ha!  Well, you'll "get the picture"!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Dearest Cousin Mona,
    I got caught up on all your projects and activities - whew! Everything looks so festive and so beautiful. You have a very creative brain and you are indeed soooo lucky! How can I get the recipe for pumpkin enchiladas?? They sound so interesting.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Such a lovely garland! I'll bet it looks great in your home!

  3. Love your beautiful garland! It looks lovely draped on your mirror.
    Merry Christmas!