Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My baby girl's quilt

Well, I finally finished my baby girl's quilt... and I'm finally posting some pictures!  I really enjoyed making this quilt as I pushed myself to try some new techniques.  And even though I took forever in working through the process in my mind, drawing it out, taking notes, scribbling pictures, and so on, I still made a big mistake!  There is something to be said for planning, but I think diving right it might have worked just as well.  But, I was able to correct the mistake and it all worked out.

I used the GO! Baby machine I won from AccuQuilt to cut most of the flowers for this quilt.  When I was asked what dies I would like to choose, I specifically chose two of the dies for this quilt.  The little machine worked like a charm, too.  My baby girl even helped me cut out some of the flowers.  I used Lila Tueller's Soire'e fabric charm packs that were given to me a while back.  It was perfect for this project.


I used Bari J. Ackerman's book, "Inspired to Sew" for instruction and inspiration.  It is a wonderful book with lots of great projects.  Love, love, love it!  After I got the foundation of my quilt in order, I placed all of the flowers and leaves where I wanted them and pinned, pinned, and pinned!  Then, I used free-motion quilting to sew them on.  It did take some time, but I thought it was well worth it.  I found that using a fabric glue stick helped keep the pieces in place as I moved around.  I kept some pins in place except for the immediate pieces that I was sewing so that as I went along, I could reposition pieces as needed.  It also alleviated the hassle of trying to sew around the pins. 

Below are some of the close-ups where you can see a little more detail.  I wasn't too picky about perfect applique here.  I just moved all around at a fairly even speed and tried to make sure all the pieces were sewn down well.  I enjoyed making the bark on the trees, the clouds, and the grass.


I also added a few dimensional pieces to the center of some of the flowers.  One of my favorite parts to this quilt is the bunting.  I love the way it pops right off of the quilt!


The big blunder I made?  I didn't sew the border on to my quilt top!  When I finished all the quilting and started to make my border, I realized this.  I had to sew on additional batting so that I could add my border.  But, like I said, it worked out okay because I decided to add a ruffle and facing strip to the back.  Several new techniques later, and I was happy!

This is the back of the quilt.  I like the way it looks, too.  Fun.

And, here is baby girl's room.  I made the quilt to the dimensions of the width of the mattress and a little bit shorter to allow for the pillow (and a billion stuffed animals), but wished I had made it a little bit longer and wider.  I'm not sweating it now, though! I guess I better get busy on a pillow sham... and I think it might be time to put away the flannel snowflake sheets!

I'll come back soon to share a little more about the tree in her room.  Thanks for stopping by! Pin It

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  1. Very beautiful quilt!I love all the little quilted details: tree, grass, clouds...it must have taken you a while!The bunting is too cute, I am sure little fingers will play with them before going to sleep!